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My name is Chad.  You have possibly come to my
web site in search of sugar information, or maybe
curiousity drove you to click the link.

Sugar collecting is an interesting hobby.  The
thought of collecting sugar packets sparked my
curiousity at first and now I enjoy all types of sugar
information.  Sugar really has been important
through the ages, as a commodity, a sign of wealth,
a metaphor for happiness.  On my site, you will find
historical information, facts and pictures, etc.  

To me, I see sugar more as a decoration instead of a
food.  The concept of sugar can be so universal.  
Embark upon an adventure through this website and
take a look at sugar through my eyes.
I've had a
Brain Injury
since 1989
Clara Barton was
the founder of
the Red Cross
I have donated
7.2 gallons
since 1999